Work Safety Culture Mini Workshop

Pozsony, Szlovákia

Correctly functioning machines and devices, protective gear and equipment, cleanliness and good order, up-to- date safety instructions, as well as constant monitoring, reporting and improving form the foundation of an excellent workplace safety culture.


31. 3. 2020 15:00-18:00


Hotel Sheraton, Bratislava



Yet this is not enough. In most workplace accidents the root cause lies in unconscious human errors. People do not follow the safety instructions or ground rules, they do not acknowledge risks and they do not intervene when they see actions or habits that are endangering safety. They are accustomed to the status quo and do not see the value of safety in their everyday rush.

Developing your workplace safety culture requires determination, clear goals and continuous work. Above all, it requires leadership. In an excellent safety culture people develop and improve safety together, proactively. Managers and foremen have common understanding and skills needed to involve their teams in developing safety. Everyone takes responsibility – of themselves, others and their workplace. Making safety observations, intervening, and giving and receiving feedback is a part of daily life.

When people dare to intervene in a constructive way and raise safety issues to discussion, they help each other to learn. This has a direct positive impact to the work climate.

Dare to Care concept by ICG

D2C concept has been developed in close cooperation with customers during almost 10 years. In addition that D2C is practical and productized, it must always be tailored with every customer and adjust to their situation and culture. The concept is based on “Train the trainer” –principle. This way we ensure that the changes and improvements are sustainable, we make a cultural shift in safety culture.

The focus in D2C safety culture development is on

  • Managers’ and team leaders’ skills to lead the safety culture development,
    • Train there own teams to more aware safety thinking, every day awareness to make safety observations, intervening to shortages and to give and receive feedback to and from anybody else
    • Lead the discussion in all forums where safety is a topic so that people get involved and actively participate
    • Can use continuous improvement model in long term safety development
  • People’s skills and habits to observe, intervene and give and receive feedback
  • Good cooperation and active input of (work) safety representatives and other nominated responsible persons

Work Safety Culture Mini Workshop – Bratislava

We invite you to a networking event focused on Work Safety Culture.


  • Introduction
  • Approaches to building a safety culture
  • Client use cases, Examples
  • Exercise – workshop
  • Discussion & Networking


  • Over 15 years of experience both Finland and Sweden
  • Leadership, safety culture, coaching
  • D2C development
  • Customers: Metso, Boliden, Realia, Stora Enso, Ruukki, NRC Group, EU

  • 25 years of experience
  • Cultural change, safety culture, leadership, management teams
  • D2C development
  • Customers: Orion, Metsä, Cimcorp, Boliden, Stora Enso, Eastman, NRC Group, Outotec

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When: 31. 03. 2020,  15:00 – 18:00

Language: English

Admission: Free